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branding and websites for small businesses.

My Manifesto

Why should you create a brand or website?

A fresh brand and website is a great way to attract your dream customers, show off your skills, and share your magic with the world. It's your space on the internet, kind of like a real-life storefront or studio. Showing up online is a way to reach more of the people that resonate with your craft, words, or talents. In my opinion, creating something true to you isn't a competition with others, it's a way to help others with your perspective and unique mix of abilities. It doesn't have to be revolutionary to be something special that adds value to the lives of others, it just has to be something you're passionate about. A lot of people buy from humans they trust and relate to and if anyone tells you differently, their selling you a bunch of hokey.

About Jessica

I’m a designer, artist, problem solver, and a bright ball of magic. My strength is guiding people through their brand transformation. My sweet spot is slowing things down, sifting through your dreams, passion, fears, and goals and helping you align with the stars and bring your vision to life.

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“A lot of people say they care, but Jessica follows it up with action. She checks in with people, cheers them on, gives away valuable insights, and never forgets what it’s like to be bootstrapping or in the messy beginning stages of business.” - Sierra McClain, Artist